Cheau Liang Enterprise Co., Ltd Sustainability

Declaration of Social Responsibility Policy and Action Commitment

Cheau liang Industry is committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, promises and implements the following policy statement projects, and looks forward to the joint efforts of cooperative manufacturers.

  • Free choice of occupation-It is forbidden to collect deposits from workers and seize certificates. It is strictly forbidden to use involuntary and exploitative prison inmates, contract restricted labor, bonded labor, slave labor, and human trafficking.
  • No child labor-establish child labor review and protection measures against misuse of child labor.
  • Appropriate working hours-comply with applicable laws, industry standards and customer code of conduct requirements related to working hours.
  • Reasonable remuneration-the remuneration given to employees meets the basic requirements of laws and regulations, and the working hours meet the specified requirements.
  • Humane treatment-forced and involuntary labor by punishment is strictly prohibited, and disciplinary management measures are prohibited.
  • Non-discrimination-eliminate employment, salary, training, promotion, dismissal and other matters based on race, skin tone, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity.
  • Freedom of Association-Respect for employees to associate freely and join trade unions And the right of collective bargaining.
  • Health and Safety-Committed to providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment and reducing potential hazards at work.
  • Occupational risk control-provide employees with appropriate safety training and protective equipment, assess the risk of work hazards in the company, and establish emergency response plans to respond to disasters.
  • Resource conservation-follow environmental laws and regulations, save resources, set up management methods and advocacy training, achieve the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction, and reduce safety hazards and environmental impact risks.
  • Integrity management-all personnel shall not use any illegal or unethical methods to obtain competitive advantages and improper benefits.
  • Management system-promise to establish, maintain and improve the company's social responsibility management system, and allow employees to fully train and learn to understand the requirements of social responsibility.
  • Regulatory compliance and risk management-regularly review regulations and confirm compliance with regulations, and regularly conduct risk management activities to effectively reduce risk events.
  • Supplier management-control suppliers/subcontractors in accordance with SA8000 standards and relevant customer code of conduct.